Be grateful of what you have and proud of who you're becoming


My name is Marek Urban and I'm on my journey to individually help 100 souls to achieve their goals in 2021. Sounds pretty bold? I totally agree. I had already spent first 30 years of my life having average dreams. And that's exactly what I got in return. Average results.

So I learnt.

An average mindset brings average results.


However many of us have settled with much less than who we can be.

And I'm not going to be one of them. Never again! I know there is a long road ahead of me, but that doesn't stop me from walking in and enjoying it all the way.

I believe you too deserve much more and you have much more to contribute to this world.

If so, welcome my friend and bear in mind:



"I met Marek on a business results consulting session as a part of my job role. After a couple of business consultations I however asked him for personal coaching as well since I felt that he's able to help me even in personal topics. We've been cooperating together since more than a half year already. The sessions with Marek are relaxed but at the same time professional. He helped me to find my goal, my personal vision and to guide my thoughts. Marek's kind approach, honesty and loyalty are the keys that make him a great coach. It's worth to cooperate with him. 😊"
Laura ParadeiserSales Manager (Both Business Coaching and Life Coaching client)
"I must say that Marek's personal improvement techniques are impressive. He showed me a way to break into the depth of my own mind and it resulted in accomplishing true visions and goals. The best investment is in yourself."
Jan FazekašManager (Business Coaching client)
"Young man, you have a gift😊 Besides the fact that you were right that ideas are going to come to me even after the session, it was a truly remarkable session and I got the clarity and direction I was looking for! (I think I got a lot more actually) Thank you so much for this! So grateful! 😊"
Oana Anghelachi (Life Coaching client)
"I'd like to thank Marek for individual and professional approach. Thanks to Marek's guidance I've learnt how to completely change the way I was looking at things, the world stopped being just black or white and became colourful. Questions such as "WHY? / WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? / WHY IT'S NOT POSSIBLE?" started to disappear from my life and I've learnt to use different phrases that empower me and help me to move ahead and use every negative situation and thought and valorize it to make the best progress possible. And together we keep on moving forward. A big thanks"
František ŠipkaA man who was given a second chance (Life Coaching client)

Who do I work with?

My clients are people who are HUNGRY FOR MORE & seek:

Outstanding results (in sports, in business, in life)

Passion to live

Selfconfidence and selfrespect





I don't care how old are you, where you from, whether you're a man or a woman, as long as you do not aim for mediocrity, I'm all in with you.

I don't mind how big the problem you're facing right now is. I know there is always a solution. ALWAYS and I will not give up until we find it.

I don't care whether you are at the beginning of your journey, at the end or just ready to start a new one. I don't judge people for who they are.

I help them become who they want to be.

No matt

Life Coaching

Life coaching increases productivity, clients report becoming more positive, 4/5 experience improved self-confidence, 3/4 improved relationships, 3/4 improved communication skills and 2/3 improved work/life balance according to ICF study. Even Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos have their own coaches.

You still don't have yours? Well, maybe it's not a coincidence that you've just found one.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching helps sportsmen, managers and their teams increase performance and get results, create and achieve professional goals, improve internal & external communication and ensure that problems are dealt with before they become more serious, unless they already are.

It is easier and faster than you think to get your performance back on track where you'd like it to be.