Whether in sports or in business, people have great talents but struggle to use them. Distraction, low confidence, lack of guidance and no support turns into exhaustion and underperformance.

High achievers rely on high support and guidance.

Meet your performance coach and use your talents to become extraordinary.

Working with Marek encouraged me to take responsibility for myself and my actions. He taught me to see everyday tasks as part of a vision that I create for myself. Marek's approach will give you an immense dose of courage, "kick" in the right direction and motivation. What you feel is a sense of certainty that whatever your goal is, you can do it because you have his full confidence. And that's what I appreciate the most!
Marek OkošConsultant
satisfied clients
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Working with Marek encouraged me to take responsibility for myself and my actions. He taught me to see everyday tasks as part of a vision that I create for myself. Marek's approach will give you an immense dose of courage, "kick" in the right direction and motivation. What you feel is a sense of certainty that whatever your goal is, you can do it because you have his full confidence. And that's what I appreciate the most!
Marek OkošConsultant
I'd like to thank Marek for individual and professional approach. Thanks to Marek's guidance I've learnt how to completely change the way I was looking at things, the world stopped being just black or white and became colorful. Questions such as "WHY? / WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? / WHY IT'S NOT POSSIBLE?" started to disappear from my life and I've learnt to use different phrases that empower me and help me to move ahead and use every negative situation and thought and valorize it to make the best progress possible. And together we keep on moving forward. A big thanks
František ŠipkaA man who was given a 2nd chance
I met Marek on a performance consulting session as a part of my job role. After a couple of business consultations I however asked him for personal coaching as well since I felt that he's able to help me even in personal topics. We've been cooperating together since more than 2 years already. The sessions with Marek are relaxed but at the same time professional. He helped me to find my goal, my personal vision and to guide my thoughts. Marek's kind approach, honesty and loyalty are the keys that make him a great coach. It's worth to cooperate with him.
Laura ParadeiserSales Manager
The cooperation with Marek is super. He leaves myself to figure out what is important for me. After the coaching I can focus on my goal way more and even more importantly I have a huge amount of motivation. Marek helps me find joy in what I do. 🙂
Jaroslav BurianTeam Manager
I must say that Marek's personal improvement techniques are impressive. He showed me a way to break into the depth of my own mind and it resulted in accomplishing true visions and goals. The best investment is in yourself.
Ján FazekašManager
I wholeheartedly recommend Marek! He has everything I expected from a person who was supposed to help me get clear in my head and make the necessary changes. Above all, Marek was able to create a safe environment, an environment full of trust and support ... an environment in which I could think well and in which I was not afraid to say anything. I see this as a very important basis for quality cooperation. Another important thing for me was that Marek is both professional and human. He can listen to a person, ask exactly what you need to answer ... and he can also reasonably support and push you at a time when you are already "drowning" too much in your thoughts. 🙂 Marek helped me to see things from a vantage point, and thanks to that it was easier to decide what needs to be adjusted in my life. Simply put - after coaching with him, I always had a lighter head, I felt stronger, overall happier, and I made any changes faster than if I thought about it all in my own head. And apart from that, I learned to work better with myself, which I see as a big bonus. 🙂 Thank you!
Petra LazákováCoach and Editor
I had previous experience with different coaches, therapists as well as personal development consultants in the past... The sum of what I've had taken away went beyond my best expectations...Marek was able to get to the absolute source of my problem using very sensitive but powerful questions. He sensed the right moment when the conversation was most uncovered and we reached the very transformational, however the only possible path for me, which I do follow now thanks to him. If I had to briefly mention his greatest strengths I would say empathy, sincere and deep interest about everything that happens in me, the ability to connect and keep in mind the practical goal of the session and guide me to it. Thank you 🙂
Markéta Odvárková Certified talent and vocal coach
I went into these sessions with the feeling and intention to "change myself". Due to suffering and all those mental blocks that were stopping me, it seemed impossible. However every session I realized something new about myself. It's amazing to love yourself and even more to see yourelf progressing. During the first session we found my weakpoints and I new that in a month time (national championship competition) it will be my main concern. Working on ourselves is even more important than working on our jobs…. It's all in ourselves... The view from the first place on the podium towards the person who helped you to find it all within yourself…I'm just so proud of myself.
Claudia DohaničováNational champion in Speed skating
Coaching sessions with Marek and especially his ideas in the first place have caused a significant change in our firm. For me personally they mean great asset and enrichment, which I can capitalize on in my professional as well as my personal life. This way I'd like to thank you Marek for your useful and beneficial mission and I keep my fingers crossed for you on your journey.
Zuzana ŠvajdováBack office
Thanks to Team coachings with Marek, I've managed to significantly improve the relationships and communication within my team and give them more space for their ideas. This made our job more effective, improved the perspective of my managers as well as my interaction with them. And to me personally it helped open up new door and earn greater trust from my directs, which have resulted in increasing our results.
Viktor JandákSenior Manager
My main problem was a vague goal and searching for a problem, not a solution. I didn't know how to make steps easier for my goal. During the consultations, I found out my goal and potential. I found the positive and negative sides of myself. I tried to remove the negative and develop the positive. I learned not to be afraid to make a mistake and not need to know the answers to everything (perfection). In working life, a direct hit on the goal. In personal life, listen, accept criticism, communicate better. If you are considering working with Marek, I just want to tell you that it is free to try, just be open to everything and willing. Then Marek can find a solution to the problem and develop your potential to the maximum. As Marek said, we are quite similar. Communication suited us and it was fun. Everyone took what they needed. And I am very thankful for that.
Martin TranBroker
I have been so fortunate to work with Marek over a period of 5 years in different settings - as a colleague at Amazon, as an indirect supervisor, and as a personal development coach, he has helped me in my journey to make a radical career change. Marek is a highly structured and efficient coach and mindset mentor. He holds very high standards on his own performance and on the people he coaches. He is a great coach both regarding listening to people's needs, but also regarding internal processes. He is the kind of person everyone wants to have around when entering a higher phase of their life, career, and goals. Someone who has the ability to build up winners and goal getters. In my experience, Marek shines not only in his field of coaching but also through his leadership skills - always leading by example and with integrity, with the utmost respect and empathy for the people around him. Marek has an incredible level of enthusiasm which is contagious, he is very approachable, knowledgeable, and supportive - a fantastic asset to any individual, team, or company.
Oana AnghelachiSoftware developer
Working with Marek has helped me to face and overcome so many challenges I was experiencing in my day to day work. Other than a great professional, he is someone that cares about the people around him and that's something irreplaceable. I owe you big time!
Luca CeccarelliTeam Leader
Before working with Marek, I felt a lack of energy and an unusual negative attitude for me. I felt that I had no motivation. During the coachings with Marek, I changed my approach to things and my perspective broadened. Now I enjoy the little things and everyday life again, I have more energy and appetite for everything. What would I say to someone who is considering a collaboration? Definitely a must experience. Anyone who needs a new wind in their sails should try it with Marek. Thank you very much for everything.
Ing. Monika ŠalatováLocal authority construction specialist

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Find out what's holding you back from performing at your best and enjoying every moment of it. Learn tools to perform at your best
Get over constant distraction, work overload, time pressure and fear of failure. Become the leader that people want to follow.
Are you almost (but not quite satisfied) with actual situation in your life? Find out what's stopping you from living the life that you deserve.


Do you lose self-confidence in crucial moments of your game?
You don't enjoy your workout and feel tired, unmotivated or losing concentration?
Are you better than your results currently show but something is stopping you?

I believe you're better than you think.

Together we'll find out and create a strategy so you can unleash your performance excellence, be recognized for who you are and become an inspiration for others. 

Don't expect it is magic wand that will change your performance.

It is the smart work we'll do together. Be prepared for change-provoking conversations, challenges, follow-ups and home works. This will move you to the next level.

The path to the outcome you want: 

  • 1
    First let me know what you need.
  • 2
    During Introduction session, we'll have a closer look at your need and create a plan. We will agree on the format, number of individual or team sessions and the price.
  • 3
    We work together on your transformation using proven coaching tools and performance techniques to change your limiting patterns, create new neurological connections and build routines that will serve your goal.
  • 4
    We make sure the changes we've made are firmly placed in your identity so that your transformation is permanent.


Are you or your team getting stressed due to increasing workload but lessening time?
Already working hard but still not producing the results you'd want?
Are you or your team tired of changes and losing motivation and drive?

Stop! Leave the circle.

Get a fresh perspective and discover new tools and techniques that will help you regain control, earn respect for who you are and be recognized and rewarded for what you do.

It is your business and your decisions. But don't forget - You're not alone to change your game, change your results.

The path to the outcome you want: 

  • 1
    First let me know whether you want it for yourself or your team.
  • 2
    During Introduction session, we'll have a closer look at your needs and create a plan. We will agree on the format, number of individual or team sessions and the price.
  • 3
    We work together using proven performance coaching methods, e.g. GROW, CREATE, WWH models and other effective individual or team collaboration tools according to your needs to create the desired outcome.
  • 4
    We stabilize and before you jump on the new project, we ensure the changes we've made are now new ways of working and you are well equipped to face new challenges in the future.


Tough decision, significant change or heavy burden on your shoulders now?
You know what you want from life but you don't know where to begin?
You know exactly what you need but you struggle with motivation and discipline?

Never settle for anything less than you can be.

You deserve the best in life!

Hey! It's been long enough.

Don't wait until it's too late.

The path to the outcome you want: 

  • 1
    First let me know what's happening.
  • 2
    We'll schedule an introduction session during which we will learn more about your situation and set the path that suits you most. We will agree on the format, number of personal coaching sessions and price.
  • 3
    We work together using problem solving, though provoking or other coaching methods to achieve significant change in your actual situation.
  • 4
    You'll learn and apply new techniques to ensure the changes we've made are now a new part of your identity and you are well equipped and ready to face new challenges in the future.


It's not about what I've been through.              It's about who you'll become when working together.

Being a pro athlete at a national level, I spent 15 years on the pitch, sidelines and practice fields. Working with amazing people I learnt about the importance of mindset and the power of habits and self-discipline. After an injury I understood the seriousness of planning for life after the game. Graduating from University, I went abroad and learnt the ropes of business in Amazon, Hilton and other corporations. 9 years in corporations, have taught me that greatest leaders and teams in both business and sport operate on similar principles.

As a performance coach I have learnt how to help people unleash their potential and gain their progressive results regardless whether in sport or business. I'll help you too discover how to step up your game, regain control and be recognized for who you are and what you do.

During my journey I've seen many professionals feeling alone, overwhelmed and wasting their potential because they didn't have the right support at the right time. You should never feel alone when it comes to performing at your best.


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