"Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself"

Life Coaching

Coaching increases productivity! Clients become more positive, 4/5 experience improved self-confidence, 3/4 improved relationships, 3/4 improved communication skills and 2/3 improved work/life balance according to ICF study.

Even Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos have their own coaches.

You still don't have yours? Well, maybe it's not a coincidence that you've just found one.

"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be"

Whom do I help?

I help different people from great range of fields.

From superambitious high achievers working in investment business living a fast life focused on increasing their income and becoming successful

(I call them sharks :))

to extremely creative smart individuals working in not-for-profit organisations searching for fulfillment in their daily lives

(I call them hedonists)

to very busy and overwhelmed mothers trying to be there and help everyone at work, in their community of friends and close ones to their parents, parents in law and of course partners and their kids trying to find the balance between all those responsibilities but still unable to find the time for themeves

(I call them today's Moms)

What do I coach?

The reasons why people reach out to me differ completely and so do their topics, their problems and their goals.

However they still have some things in common.

Usually below all that amount of issues lies different type of fears and emotions:

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of not having enough time for "all that has to be done"

Feeling of not being fulfilled in this life (usually because of not enough love in their lives),

Fear of insecurity (due to the feeling of not having enough money to live the life they want)

These are the most common problems amongst many others we face with my clients. And each and every single one of them is different and they all need and want something else.


I believe my passion, drive and positive energy influences others close to me and will inspire people to use their unique talents with confidence, belief and gratitude so they can reach their goals and find fufillment in their lives.


I share passion for people, learning and growth. I love sports and I'm keen to understand what it needs to succeed at the highest level. I keep on learning the interactions between mind, heart and the body.

I study performance, psychology and sprituality. Adrenalin sports and challenges where you can feel the closeness of your fears fascinate me and keep me discovering what's outside my comfort zone 🙂


"Young man, you have a gift😊 Besides the fact that you were right that ideas are going to come to me even after the session, it was a truly remarkable session and I got the clarity and direction I was looking for! (I think I got a lot more actually) Thank you so much for this! So grateful! 😊"
Oana Anghelachi
"Marek's interest, drive and positive approach helped me a lot during coaching sessions with him. With empathy and insight using his intuition he asked me surprisingly simple questions to which I was finding my own answers thanks to his support and understanding. I sincerely recommend to cooperate with Marek."
Zdeňka PoncarováEnglish Teacher
"I'd like to thank Marek for individual and professional approach. Thanks to Marek's guidance I've learnt how to completely change the way I was looking at things, the world stopped being just black or white and became colourful. Questions such as "WHY? / WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? / WHY IT'S NOT POSSIBLE?" started to disappear from my life and I've learnt to use different phrases that empower me and help me to move ahead and use every negative situation and thought and valorize it to make the best progress possible. And together we keep on moving forward. A big thanks"
František ŠipkaA man who was given a 2nd chance
"I had previous experience with different coaches, therapists as well as personal development consultants in the past. My expectations were however very low at the end. The sum of what I've had taken away went beyond my best imaginations. In 60 mins Marek was able to get to the absolute source of my problem using very sensitive but powerful questions. He sensed the right moment when the conversation was most uncovered and we reached the very transformational, however the only possible path for me, which I do follow now thanks to him. If I had to briefly mention his greatest strengths I would say empathy, sincere and deep interest about everything that happens in me, the ability to connect and keep in mind the practical goal of the session and guide me to it. I do take away a tangible feeling from the session with him, the feeling that I will get through my way and that I have enough strength, courage, determination and sensitivity. Thank you 🙂 "
Markéta Odvárková

Free Personal coaching session

Thankfully life doesn't bring us only challenges. But every so often it sends us solution to our problem, a ladder to our goal or as one of my clients says a joker in the stack.

Well, this might be one sent to your hand. Now it's up to you what you'll do with it.