What is coaching?

Coaching is a productive interaction in a thought-provoking creative process that maximizes one's potential and performance. It is the universal key able to unlock one's potential and bring remarkable results.

Where do you coach?

It is always upon agreement. Usually I meet my clients in our office at Sokolovska126/40, 18600 Prague / at theirs office in or around Prague / occasionally in some quite café or similar public spaces

Do you coach online?

Certainly, these days more than 80% of my coaching sessions are provided online. I use Skype or Zoom eventually other channels preferred by my clients.

How much do you charge?

I do not charge you, you invest in yourself or your business. Everyone is different, every partnership is unique for me and so is the investment. There is only one condition I follow 100% of the time. It has to be a WIN WIN deal, I do not accept other deals. So it depends mainly on the value that it will provide you. Thus I offer 1st coaching session for free to every new client, so everyone knows what value I can create for them and then we find agreement. In case we don't find a win win solution, you received your session for free and I'll be fine if you find a different coach elsewhere.

How often do you meet your clients?

It always depends on clients' needs, thus I always tailor it individually. However usually I meet my clients once a week or bi-weekly for a 60-90 min session. Some other clients prefer to meet once a month.

What is the timeframe of 1 coaching serie?

Again it is very individual, but usually I cooperate with my clients for 3/6/12 months. Exceptionally I offer one off sessions or more than 1 year partnerships.

How can I book a coaching session with you?

Just fill in the form at the CONTACTS tab or send an email to info@marekurban.net or what I prefer most, just call me directly at +420 792 456 164. In case I am not available, I'll call you back.

Do I really get 1st session for free?

Yes, I believe we should always give first before we get. And thus 1st full coaching session is completely free. No commitment. In case we did not match or you did not find the value you were looking for, I appreciate you tried and I don't ask you for anything.

Where did you study coaching?

I am grateful I obtained my coaching certificate at Results & Emotions coaching school in Prague. I'm very thankful for all the knowledge I've gained there. Especially the true values of coaching such as accepting people as they are without trying to judge them or change them and rather helping them to achieve what THEY want. I am a holder of ACC (Associate certified Coach) certificate issued by ICF (International Coaching Federation) which I am a member of and I follow the ICF code of ethics in my coaching interactions.

How many coaching sessions have you conducted so far?

I have conducted 300+ individual coaching sessions so far and rapidly growing every month, since this is not only my passion but my full time profession as well.

Do you conduct team/group coaching sessions?

Yes I do conduct team and/or group coaching sessions. For more info reach out to me directly.

Do you do seminars or presentations?

Yes I decided that in 2020 I will conduct a couple of seminars in Prague. More info of upcoming ones will be always available at my social media links and at a new BLOG page coming soon.