"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems"


The success of any business is directly dependent on the RESULTS that you are able to deliver in the long term.

The quality of the RESULTS your team or your business delivers depends on 3 pieces creating the whole puzzle

1. The potential and the performance of the leadership/managers

Are you able to succeed in the long term if you do not focus on increasing the potential and the performance of your leadership team?

2. The potential and the performance of the individuals in the company/team

Will your team keep on delivering progressive results for you, if you don't invest in the individuals working in your team?

3. The cooperation among individuals and the alignment with the leadership

Are the individuals in your team aligned with the company strategy and working towards the same goal?


Team Coaching is one of the fastest growing markets in business.

The success of a business depends on great teamwork because cooperation in the team influences everything.

When teams work well, people are happy to work harder, the business works more smoothly and produces greater results. Teams that work well together are more creative, work faster and better.

Team coaching is a crucial part of working in business. Today's companies either have their own coaches or they hire one to work with their teams.

Teams that used team coaching benefit reported improved goal setting, increased performance, comunication and cooperation amongst the members and much more.


Individual coaching provided to your leaders or team members helps:

  • Maximize their performance
  • Increase the communication and workflow
  • Plan, set and take actions towards their goals
  • Adjust to change and become more self-confident in facing challenges
    Contribute more effectively to company goals and the organization
    Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments
  • Minimize the fluctuation
    Cooperate better with colleagues, managers, directs
    Create new ideas to overcome roadbloack and increase the profits
"I met Marek on a performance consulting session as a part of my job role. After a couple of business consultations I however asked him for personal coaching as well since I felt that he's able to help me even in personal topics. We've been cooperating together since more than a half year already. The sessions with Marek are relaxed but at the same time professional. He helped me to find my goal, my personal vision and to guide my thoughts. Marek's kind approach, honesty and loyalty are the keys that make him a great coach. It's worth to cooperate with him.😊"
Laura ParadeiserSales Manager
"I must say that Marek's personal improvement techniques are impressive. He showed me a way to break into the depth of my own mind and it resulted in accomplishing true visions and goals. The best investment is in yourself."
Jan FazekasManager
"Thanks to Marek and his coaching I've made improvements mainly in my personal life and it has strongly reflected in my productivity at work which keeps on increasing and increasing. Marek will not tell you what you should do, but rather he will help you to realize what's good and what's bad for you by supporting and guiding you in this process. Thanks to these findings you are able to improve your own results or the results of your entire team."
David ŠumanSales Manager
"Coaching sessions with Marek and especially his ideas in the first place have caused a significant change in our firm. For me personally they mean great asset and enrichment, which I can capitalize on in my professional as well as my personal life. This way I'd like to thank you Marek for your useful and beneficial mission and I keep my fingers crossed for you on your journey."
Zuzana ŠvajdováBack office
The cooperation with Marek is super. He leaves myself to figure out what is important for me. After the coaching I can focus on my goal way more and even more importantly I have a huge amount of motivation. Marek helps me find joy in what I do. 🙂
Jaroslav BurianManager
Individual coaching with Marek has helped me a lot in many sectors, especially to realize the goal for which I do my job more efficiently while reminding myself of some of the things I used to forget due to my excessive workload. He helped me come up with interesting books that are currently showing me new horizons, and thanks to him I started to enjoy working on myself and my team again, which in itself increased my lost motivation.
Viktor JandákPortfolio manager